Want to make $500 for just a few minutes of work?

We call it, Birddogging

Birddogging refers to the practice of finding potential investment properties and bringing them to the attention of other investors AKA us (We Buy Homes). You find properties that appear to be undervalued or in need of repair, send us a photo and address of the home, and if we purchase it, you will receive $500 PER HOME. That’s right, if you bring us 5 homes that we purchase, you will receive $2500. It’s really that easy!

1. Find a Home with some "seller signals"

• Full mailboxes, overgrown lawn, FSBO sign, estate/garage sales, moving trucks

2. Snap a photo of the property and take note of the address

3. Submit your lead at or send us a message via Facebook

4. Once we Buy the Property, you'll receive $500!